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BOLD Sponsors Growth & Change in the Chatham 250!

Hope, inspiration, and celebration are words used to describe the new year for Chatham County as it approaches its 250th anniversary! To commemorate this exciting milestone, Chatham County will host various community-centered events highlighting Chatham’s uniqueness, rich history, and promising future. These festivities will focus on five main themes – Creative Arts, Community and Diversity, Growth and Change, Agriculture, and Natural Environment.

With a devotion to growth and positive change in our local community, BOLD is honored to announce its theme sponsorship for the Growth and Change category in the Chatham 250!

A few words regarding the sponsorship from BOLD President Chris Ehrenfeld–

“BOLD decided to support the ’Growth and Change’ theme because we are excited about where Chatham is headed and feel deeply tied to the area. As the Triangle continues to grow, we expect Chatham to transform from being a bedroom community to being an integral part of the Triangle economy. Thanks to years of careful planning and consideration by the county leadership, Chatham will be able to preserve its natural beauty while also providing development opportunities to accommodate growth. This growth will bring positive change for funding of schools, broadband, parks and other desired quality of life improvements. BOLD is excited to support this growth and change coming to Chatham County.”

The Chatham County 250th anniversary celebrations will kick off with Founding Day on Saturday, April 10th, from 2-5 p.m in downtown Pittsboro on Hanks Street. This free and publicly accessible event will be drive-thru-style and feature nine stations where participants can explore, learn and interact.

BE BOLD, uphold your local community and come out to witness this exciting time in Chatham County history!

Head to the link below for more details on Founding Day and the Chatham 250–


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