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The most wonderful time of the year for the BOLD Foundation is December as it marks the time for our biggest philanthropic event - Holiday Cheer! At BOLD Foundation, we are committed to ensuring that every child has a happy holiday season. Collaborating closely with local schools, we focus on providing winter clothing and thoughtful gifts to children whose guardians may face financial constraints. Holiday Cheer has become a beloved tradition for our team across the BOLD Family of companies, and we are excited to continue spreading smiles and cheer for many years to come.



Partner with the local school to gather wish lists from families in need. This helps us know exactly what families want or need during the holiday season. 


Shopping Day for 200+ children! Each volunteer shops for 4-5 children, adhering to their wish lists. Our local retailer gives BOLD Foundation an exclusive checkout lane, which helps streamline the event.


Pre-order winter coats in advance to ensure we have enough coats and the right size for each child.


The gifts are brought back to the BOLD Foundation office for our team to sort and quality control each bag. If any discrepancies are found, we will re-shop to rectify missing items or incorrect clothing sizes.


If a bike was requested on a wish list, we order those in advance as well as we cannot get enough bikes at the local stores. 


The gifts are wrapped in holiday bags and loaded onto the trucks to be taken to the distribution location. 


Organize the wish lists for our volunteers to easily shop with. 

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Families pick up their gifts on delivery day!

Our Holiday Cheer program wouldn't be possible without the support of BOLD Real Estate and BOLD Construction, who donate a portion of their profits to the foundation with every home sale and construction project. We are also grateful for our partnership with the Governors Club and their Santa Open Golf Tournament, which raises a significant portion of the funds for the Holiday Cheer program.

If you'd like to support Holiday Cheer and the work BOLD Foundation is doing throughout Chatham County, please consider making a donation below. Your support makes a difference!

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