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BOLD Foundation Supports Chatham County Students with Essential School Supplies

Imagine the excitement of a brand-new school year – the crisp notebooks, the fresh pencils – a world of possibilities. But for some kids in Chatham County schools, this excitement is clouded by the challenge of acquiring basic school supplies. That's why every year, BOLD Foundation provides much-needed school supplies to Chatham County students who need a helping hand.

This year, BOLD Foundation donated school supply kits to more than 120 students in grades K-5 along with bulk items for the entire school to use. These items included notebooks, tissues, pencils, highlighters, and additional essentials for student success!

Walking into the school, the BOLD Foundation team was met with smiles from Principal Giles and the rest of the staff, all ready to pitch in and make sure these supplies get to the right hands.

A huge shoutout to our volunteers and supporters who made this possible. This is more than just an initiative; it's a step towards a brighter, empowered future.


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