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Chatham Education Foundation and BOLD Partner for Books on Break

The BOLD Foundation partnered with the Chatham Education Foundation for Books on Break–a program that puts books into the hands and homes of low-income students in Chatham County schools.

Jaime Detzi, Executive Director of the CEF, notes that 2/3rds of low-income families have few if any books in their homes. The goal of the program is to change that in Chatham County, and they are certainly making great strides to do so.

The CEF recently announced that over the last three weeks through the Books on Break Program, "14,000 books were donated through 6 school programs to 2,300 students by 38 outstanding volunteers and countless dedicated teachers."

Following the program, the CEF gave BOLD companies a thoughtful acknowledgment stating, "A special thanks to the BOLD companies (Bold Construction and Bold Real Estate). They volunteered, donated, and moved over 16,000 books to six schools. We could not have done it without your support."

Bold Foundation is honored to support this incredible program!

If you are looking for ways to give back to our local community, head to the link below for more information on how you can support Books on Break!


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