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A Memorable Afternoon at The Chatham Sheriff's ARC

Last weekend, the teams from BOLD Companies had a blast at the Chatham Sheriff's Animal Resource Center (ARC). We split up into groups, each tackling a different task. Some of us took the dogs out for a walk, letting them stretch their legs and enjoy the fresh air. Others cozied up with playful kittens, enjoying some quality cuddle time. And a creative crew got busy giving the office space a pop of color by painting the ceiling tiles.

This visit was a friendly reminder of the power of small acts of kindness. We left with smiles, already looking forward to our next hangout with the animals and staff at Chatham ARC.

If you're thinking about adopting a furry friend, head to the Chatham ARC's website here or visit their facility at 725 Renaissance Drive Pittsboro, NC 27312. There's a whole crew of potential buddies waiting to bring some love and laughter into your life.


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